SmartMusic assessment software is simply the greatest technological advancement in several generations for the teaching of instrumental music. This amazing program allows students to receive instant feedback on their acheivement level. It identifies their performance grade for work completed and allows them to email the results to the directors for grades. All student assignments are submitted through SmartMusic.

In addition, SmartMusic will now allow students to pass off their All-County, Region and State audition material as well as their concert music. This program includes a tuner and a metronome on screen, thus not requiring students to purchase them separately. Students who use SmartMusic advance much more quickly than students who do not use the program. The combination of using SmartMusic and private instruction is simply unbeatable!

Each student will receive information about how to download and install the software and activate a subscription on a home computer. SmartMusic can be used on either a PC or a Mac.

If you experience technical problems, or have questions about SmartMusic or your microphone, please contact SmartMusic "Sales and Support":

Phone: 866-240-4041
School Hours M – F, 8:30 AM–7:00 PM MST
Summer Hours M – F, 8:30 AM–5:00 PM MST

Additional SmartMusic microphones or subscriptions are available on our  forms page.