Traveling With The Band- Important Information

It is mandatory that all students and their parents comply with the policies of the Cario Band program at all times during any field trips. Failure to do so will result in loss of travel opportunities for the student as well as loss of eligibility for the Cario Symphonic Band. Please note the policies below, which may sound harsh and inflexible, but are designed to provide a safe, secure, and educationally beneficial experience for our students. They are also designed to foster a sense of responsibility in our students and others involved in the Cario Band community. Your understanding is appreciated. Thank you.

Please see the band handbook for additional information.

Trip Policies

The Cario Band Travel Philosophy

Our trips are designed to be "all inclusive" so that our students may experience a worry free trip and our parents can be assured that all of their child's needs will be met. We travel with a health care professional as a chaperone to ensure that all students' medical and emergency needs will be handled effectively.


  • Mr. Scott's student eligibility decisions are final.
  • Registration is first come, first served basis. We only have 90 seats available for students on trips, so it is recommended that you register early.
  • Students are expected to maintain an 85 average or above in band to be eligible for trip participation, along with no behavior problems.
  • Students must submit all required paperwork for the trip in advance of the departure date. Students will not be allowed to travel with the band until all forms are submitted and on file! The following signed  forms are required:
  • Student Information Form
  • Year-Long Permission/Internet Policy
  • Statement of Responsibility
  • Fill out current CCSD Medical Forms, and if appropriate, the Doctor's Orders form, and/or Self-Medicate Forms. A detailed email regarding medicine, and instructions on where to turn in forms will come out mid-February.
  • Fair Share assessments must be paid in full to be eligible for band trips.
  • All required band and instrument fees must be paid in full before student is added to the trip list.


Trip updates will be posted on the Cario Bands web site through periodic From the Band Room announcements ( and emails will be sent periodically. Please read them and note the payment deadlines.


Several fundraisers are offered to help offset the cost of the trip.

Band Member Expectations

Because some band members may attend events that may include missing portions of the school day, additional conduct and grade expectations exist for these students. Band members represent themselves, the school, and the band program at all times. The student should make arrangements for the successful completion of all missed assignments.

Refunds and Cancellations

Money will not be refunded for lack of participation in the trip. It is the obligation of the parents and students to check calendars to make sure they have no conflicts with the travel dates. The money collected will be paid to our vendors and will not be under control of the Cario Band Boosters or the directors.

Travel Restrictions

All students and chaperones must travel together on the buses. We will not allow students to travel separately and join the group at a later time or leave the group early (except in an emergency.) This creates extra work for the chaperones and is difficult to manage.