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Band Directors

Title Name Email Role
Director Jeff Scott
(843) 375-4650
Instruction; band grades; absences; band schedule; instrument rental; student welfare
Assistant Director Samanthat Mumford
Instruction; SmartMusic

Booster Board 2017-2018

Office Name Email Role
President Eric Bailey Cario Band Boosters; website content
Vice President Jenny Baldwin  
Secretary Amy Rankin Board meetings; volunteering
Treasurer Lori Nadelstumph Accounts payable; booster financial info.; student accounts
Treasurer Julia DeSantis Accounts receivable; student accounts
Fundraising Liz Potter Letter Writing, coupons; fundraising
Fundraising Diana Rath Pie Sales; fundraising
Hospitality and Events Norma Treibly Events; hospitality
Hospitality and Events Candie Goode Events; hospitality
CharmsOffice Database Manager Leigh Yarbrough Charms student database; changes to email addresses
Uniforms Amber Pugsley Uniforms
Uniforms Colleen Sabados Uniforms
Trip Coordinator Kim Hranowsky Carowinds; trips
Trip Coordinator Jenny Baldwin Florida; trips
Community Service Jennifer Norman Community service requirements and events
Photography Michele Talley Photography
Boxtops Kiki Thayer    

Band Support

Webmaster Tim Snoots Website development; Google Apps support