From the Band Room - July 23, 2012

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From the President ~ Welcome to Cario Bands 2012-2013!

Each week beginning the first week of school you will receive the From The Band Room ("FTBR") announcements via email. The information in the FTBR is timely, detailed and important. Please make sure you read through the entire message. We will keep you up-to-date with changes to events and schedules and pass along band announcements from the Directors. The FTBR can be lengthy at times; however, this minimizes the amount of emails I have to return.

While we don't want to see anyone go, please let us know if your child will not be enrolling in band this year by emailing me at If you have questions about the band program, our booster board is ready to help. A complete contact list is available on the website.

We hope your child will find band to be an exciting and fun experience! I'm looking forward to a fun year and to seeing you at Fact and Fee Day or Band Night.

Hallie Knudson
President, Cario Band Boosters

Fact and Fee Days ~ All Band Students

Visit the band table to pick up your child's band packet. The packet will include the handbook, required forms, and special information about band. No need to print out forms from the website; we will have everything ready for you. You may also make payments towards your child's Fair Share Assessment (FSA). Completing and returning the Student Band Packet is worth a homework grade ~ due by Wednesday, August 29th for 100%.

  • Monday, August 13th (Last names A-K)
    Tuesday, August 14th (Last names L-Z)
    2pm – 6:30 pm in the Cario cafeteria
  • Thursday, August 16th (Make-up day)
    9 am – 11 am Cario Media Center - (Updated 8/14/12)
    2 pm - 5 pm Cario Medica Center

Parent Band Night ~ All Band Parents

Attend Band Night for Parents ~ Tuesday, August 28th in the Cario Gym. Come meet the directors and ask questions.

  • 6th Grade Parents
    6:00 – 7:00 pm
    7:00 – 8:00 pm ~ Instrument Rentals ~ Music & Arts and Instrument Doc (Trombone Rentals)
    Note: Instruments will be delivered to the Cario Band Room for Fast Start Clinic
  • 7th & 8th Grade Parents
    7:30 ~ 8:00 pm

The Fair Share Assessment (FSA)

FSA is $225 per student and $200 for each additional child enrolled at the same time. A minimum payment of $100 per student is required no later than Band Night, Tuesday, August 28th.

Please do not let the Band FSA keep your student from participating in band. The Cario Band Boosters have a scholarship program, and FSA waiver forms will be available at Fact and Fee. Additional information about the waiver is in the handbook.

Volunteer Opportunities ~ All Band

Yes, it's that time again. We ask that every family volunteer 3 hours per parent/guardian. We are planning a "Packet Party" in the Band Room the first week of August and we need help on Fact and Fee Day. Look for our Volunteer email coming soon!

Cario Band Instrument Rentals

Students needing to rent instruments from Cario Bands (i.e., Euphonium, French Horn, Tuba, Bassoon etc.) will be provided information in class once school begins.

  • 6th Grade Rental Program:

    Representatives from Music & Arts and the Instrument Doc will be at Band Night on August, 28th from 7 ~ 8 pm to assist parents with instrument rentals. We provide this service as a convenience to parents; however, there may be wait times depending on the number of people needing to rent instruments. Parents may visit Music & Arts on Savannah Highway or Instrument Doc in Mt. Pleasant (Trombones only) to arrange an instrument rental or purchase at their convenience. Note: All 6th grade students will need instruments in time for the Fast Start clinics on September 5 and 6th. They won't need them in class before then.

Music Books and Other Materials ~ All Band Students

The band program provides the music books, binders and SmartMusic CD that students are required to have in class. This will be distributed during class the first week of school (yet another opportunity to volunteer!).

Uniforms ~ All Students

We will measure students for band uniforms at Fact and Fee Day. We will have information on everything your student needs to be properly clothed for Cario Band concerts. The band program takes care of fitting students for t-shirts, polo shirts, concert dresses, and concert tuxedos. All of the information will be in the band handbook in your student packet and on the Cario Band website.

Note to 6th & 8th Graders:

6th Graders wear black pants from Stagecoach Clothing Store (found in the shopping center between Target and Piggly Wiggly in Mount Pleasant) for their concert wear. These pants are a requirement for all sixth grade students! The personnel at Stagecoach know exactly what you need and are most helpful. Sixth graders will also need black shoes for their concert uniforms. Bonus: uniform pants can be purchased using Greenbax!

8th Graders ~ Don't forget that you'll have band night with the Wando High School marching band during football season (Date & Time TBA, but usually in early October). You will need khaki shorts and predominantly white tennis shoes to go along with your black Cario Band T-shirt. Note: Stagecoach has the very same khaki shorts that the Wando High School marching band wears.

Please contact our uniform chair, Pam Hall, with any questions you may have at