Participation in fundraising by all band families is critical to the mission of the band program. Several fundraising opportunities are available to families each year to help contribute to the band program's general operating account and build credits towards the Fair Share assessment.

We hope that each member of the band will see the importance of keeping our band program strong through fundraising. There are many ways to help the band raise money, whether it be sales, volunteering with concessions, collecting BoxTops, or volunteering to help the fundraising committee. Any way you can or want to help is greatly appreciated and will help your band achieve its goals. We also welcome any new fundraising ideas from both students and parents. Please contact the fundraisers at if you have ideas or would like to volunteer. Thank you for your support!

Here are a few simple ways to contribute:

Cario Bands Together For Kids

Our annual letter writing campaign inviting friends and family to contribute to the Cario Bands program. Download the letter and address  forms to reach out to your family and friends.

Harris Teeter TIE Program

Link your VIC card by August of each year to the Cario Bands TIE account (8445). This can be done at the stores' registers or online at

Matching Contributions

Check with your company to see if they have a matching contribution program. Cario Bands is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

Save-Around Enjoy the City Coupon Books

Option to help your student earn credit towards their FSA and trips.  Starts 9/15/2017, ends 9/29/2017. Information handout is available on  forms page.

Holiday Pies

Option to help your student earn credit towards their FSA and trips.

Bands of Wando Foundation

The Bands of Wando Foundation provides critical financial assistance to deserving band students in the middle feeder school programs and Wando High School band program. Without financial assistance for instruction, instruments, and travel, many deserving kids would not be able to fully participate in the regionally and nationally recognized Bands of Wando concert and marching program.