From the Band Room - November 5, 2012

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Note from the Directors

The Jazz Band Concert has been postponed until, Monday, December 10th. We also moved the Italian Dinner to our Jazz Band and Troubadour Concert on Thursday, February 21, 2013.

Emily Wilkinson has a family medical emergency and is expected to return Wednesday, November 7th. She is "Out of Office" for her email, and will not be posting assignments for the next week.

CCSD is changing "Attendance Zones" that will be implemented in August, 2013. Some of our Band families attended the Rezoning Committee Meeting on Thursday, November 1. Below is some information and links to the proposed zone changes. This will potentially affect the elementary and middle school students in Belle Hall, Brickyard, Rivertowne (excluding Planters Pointe), and Charleston National.

Jeff Scott and Emily Wilkinson

Important Dates

  • No Lessons Academy on November 6th and the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Jazz Band Concert is rescheduled for Monday, December 10th.

CCSD Proposed Attendance Zone

There are two proposed "Attendance Zones" for Moultrie Constituent District 2 that will take effect for the 2013 - 2014 school year. Those students rezoned to Jennie Moore Elementary (and Laing) will be moved to the Old Wando High School (Mathis Ferry Road) along side Laing Middle School until construction of the new schools are completed for the 2015 - 2016 school year. We currently have no information on which grades this will effect, and whether next years' 8th graders will be allowed to finish at Cario. Many parents felt that it would be in the best interest of the students to rezone Jennie Moore and Laing in 2015. However, this meeting was only for parents to review the plans and not an open MIC forum to ask questions or convey concerns. These plans are not "set in stone", so your feedback using the on-line survey (ending November 8th) is very important.

Large Scale Maps of both plans can be found on . From the Home Page select the following: Board of Trustee/Constituent Boards. Click "District 2" on the map. Select "GIS Presentation, Current Boundaries, Community Survey". To review the proposed plans, select "Large Scale Plot Maps". Please note that this is an extremely large color document with 4 maps and therefore difficult to print.

  • Plan A Elementary Draft moves Brickyard and Rivertowne (excluding Planters Pointe) to Jennie Moore Elementary. Plan A Middle School Draft moves current Cario students in the Belle Hall zone, Brickyard and Rivertowne (excluding Planters Pointe) to Laing.
  • Plan B Elementary Draft moves Brickyard to Whiteside Elementary, Charleston National to Jennie Moore and Rivertowne remains at Charles Pinckney/Laurel Hill. Plan B Middle School Draft moves current Cario students in the Belle Hall zone to Moultrie. Brickyard would attend Laing and Charleston National and Rivertowne would go to Cario.
  • The website has information on the "Utilization and Capacity of School Facilities" that provides current and estimated enrollment for each of the plans.
  • You can complete an on-line survey to provide feedback on the two plans using the "District 2 Rezoning On-Line Survey", which ends on Thursday, November 8th. A printable copy is available that can be returned to your neighborhood school.
  • Implementation of Rezoning: The plan will be finalized in January, 2013 and implemented in August, 2013. There is no information at this time on when or if you can give input regarding the implementation of the final "Attendance Zone" plan.

7th & 8th Grade Florida Trip - Important Reminders and Information

  • Last Date to Drop: Thursday, November 8th
  • Payment: The 2nd half of the deposit of $75 ($125 in total) is due on Thursday, November 8th. You can send payment into the band room or our mail box (1121 Park West Blvd., Suite B, #224, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466). If payment is not received by 11/8 or you do not send an email to our Treasurer, Jackie Grey, you will be placed on our wait list. The trip is completely booked, so it is imperative that we receive your payment or notification that your student is dropping. Please make your checks payable to Cario Band Boosters and write your student's name and Florida Trip in the memo line.
  • Registration Information: Your student received the Florida Registration and Information packet in class. Please read the information carefully and note the payment schedule, Florida Fundraiser and refund policy. If you are dropping the trip, please email Caragh Caddell at

Outside Concert Opportunities

Mount Pleasant Town Center tree Lightening - Saturday, November 17th in front of Belks at 5 pm. East Cooper Baptist Church Orchestra (with Woodwinds & Brass), Hand Bells and Choir. Admission is free.

Charleston Christmas Concert at the Performing Arts Center on Monday, December 3 at 7 pm. This is the annual East Cooper Baptist Christmas Concert for the community. Admission is free, but come early for a seat.