From the Band Room - January 7, 2013

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Please visit for updated information on upcoming band events. Dates, times and locations are subject to change.

Note from the Directors

  • Practice chart grades for Quarter 2 are still being updated in PowerSchool and will NOT be finished until January 11. After January 11, you may check your child's updated practice chart grades and other band grades for Quarter 2 in PowerSchool.
  • SmartMusic Assignments

    6th Grade: Line #80 and Line #82 were assigned on January 2 and are due on January 11
    7th and 8th Grade: Sightreading lines #1 through #20 assigned on December 7 and are due January 14
  • Concert Evaluations

    Concert Evaluations for the first semester are due on Friday, January 11. Students who are trying for 6th Grade Honor Medal or 7th & 8th Grade Honor Band should turn in 3 evaluations from the first semester, all other students are required to do 2 from first semester. Please turn the form in to Mr. Scott.
  • Region Auditions (7th & 8th Grade and selected 6th Graders)

    The Region Audition Checklist and tickets will be given to students this week and are posted on our website. We will receive an All-State call-back list (tentative Monday 1/14 or Tuesday 1/15). This will be followed by a preliminary list for Region 4 and Concert Bands (tentative 1/16 or 1/17). This list will not be finalized until after All-State Auditions on January 26. YOU MUST keep your calendar open for the Region Clinic (February 22nd & 23rd) and All-State Clinic (March 7 - 10) until the final list for All-State and Region 4 are posted (tentative January 29). If your student is not on the preliminary list, there is a potential that they could be seated for the Concert band once students are selected for All-State.

Jeff Scott and Emily Wilkinson