From the Band Room - February 18, 2013

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Note from the Directors

  • Hall Monitors for 7th Grade Early Morning Rehearsals: We need one volunteer to monitor the Hallway for the early morning rehearsals. Please refer to the email sent out to 7th Grade Parents.
  • Region 4 Clinic - Friday and Saturday, February 22 - 23

    Chaperones are needed on Friday and Saturday (email will be sent to the Region 4 group only)

    Your student received information on the Region 4 Clinic in class last week. All the information is posted on our website on the "Welcome Page" .

    Please remember that the Clinic schedule is subject to change. Your student will be informed, and we will do our best to send out an email.
    You must provide transportation to and from Charleston Southern University.
    Seating of the bands begins at 8:30 am. If you are late, your student could potentially lose their chair so it is imperative that you are on time!
    Please send in $4 in an envelope with your student's name to the band room by Wednesday, February 20th.
  • All-State Clinic: Information will be sent home and posted on the website this week.
  • SmartMusic Assignments:

    8th Grade
    On an American Spiritual
    Brass: measures 1-40 with a grade of 93 or higher
    Woodwinds: measures 1-18 and measures 19-51 with a grade of 93 or higher
    DUE Tuesday, February 19

    7th Grade
    Lament and Tribal Dances
    Brass and Woodwinds: measures 33-75 with a grade of 95 or higher
    DUE Tuesday, February 19

    6th Grade
    Essential Elements Book
    Brass: #125, #129, #130 DUE Friday, February 22
    Woodwinds: #125 DUE Friday, February 22 and #129, #130 DUE Wednesday, February 27

Jeff Scott and Emily Wilkinson


If you didn't get your dress hemmed, or you had issues with your uniform, get them taken care of before the concerts this week! If you have any questions, please contact our Uniform Chair - Pam Hall (

  • Jazz band Concert on Thursday, February, 21 - formal uniform.
  • Region 4 Symphonic and Concert Band - formal uniform.

Box Tops

It's time once again to turn in your Box Tops. The "Second Box Top Battle" ends on Wednesday, February 20, and the Top winner from the band room will win a "Joey Bag of Donuts". Remember, the class with the most Box Tops at the end of the year will earn a "Donut Party" the last week of school. The Top Winner for the year will earn a $20 Mount Pleasant Towne Center Gift Card. The last opportunity to turn in Box Tops will be Wednesday, May 22.

Carowinds - 6th Grade

At this time the trip is "sold out". For those registered on the trip, your band fees must be paid in full by Thursday, February 28th or you will be dropped from the trip. If you wish to register, you will be notified that you are on the wait list and also if you are placed on the trip. We just had 2 students drop from the trip, so we will be able to register a couple of students. Registration will close on Friday, February 28th as we purchase tickets on Monday, March 4th. Please remember that if your student is also in Orchestra or Chorus, you do not register with the band. If you have any questions, please contact our Carowinds Trip Coordinator, Caragh Caddell -

  • Carowinds Registration Information
  • Carowinds Registration Form
  • CCSD Extra Curricular and Medical Form (page 2 must have a date of Tetanus shot, parent signature for Over the Counter Medication and be notarized)

Florida and Carowinds Spring Trips - PLEASE READ

For those students that are registered for either the Florida or Carowinds trips, all payments, band fees and instrument rental fees must be paid in full by Thursday, February 28th. We purchase tickets on Monday, March 4, and there are 20 Carowinds students and 40 Florida students that currently have balances owed. If your account is not paid in full, we will not purchase a ticket and your student will be removed from the trip. We will not use Band Booster Operating funds to pay for your student's trip. Last year we spent countless hours trying to contact parents to get fees collected. As we are volunteers and have families of our own, we are not willing to be debt collectors. We want all of the students to be able to go on these trips, so please arrange to get this accomplished.

Payments can be dropped off in the band room or front office or no later than Friday, February 28th at 3:30 pm. If you mail your payment and don't think your envelope will arrive by 4 pm on Friday, please bring it into the band room or drop it off at the front office. The Treasurer and Trip Coordinator will collect all payments on Friday at 4 pm, and provide a report of the number of tickets to be purchased for each trip on Monday, March 4.

Outside Concert Opportunities

  • Thursday, February 21: Cario Jazz Band & Troubadour Concert (Cario Gym @ 7 pm)
  • Saturday, February 23: Region 4 Junior and Concert Band - Charleston Southern University (Lightsey Auditorium at 3 pm)