From the Band Room - August 26, 2013

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Notes from the Directors

Thanks to all the parents who attended our Band Parent Night. Our program would not be the success it is, if it were not for the parents.

The New Family Welcome Breakfast has been changed to Saturday, September 28th due to a scheduling "glitch" with Applebee's. The Vice-President of Events & Hospitality will send out an email and provide a new flyer in class this week.

The following is important information for the 7th and 8th students only:

  • The 7th & 8th grade students must bring in their Rhythm Book on Monday, August 26th. Please remove the spiral binding, 3 hole punch the pages and place in your black binder. (Note: there is an electric 3 hole puncher in the band room.)
  • Bring your instruments to school starting on Monday. No instruments on Wednesday as we have the Kids Letter Writing Campaign.
  • For those 8th graders that did not remember to bring their Habits of a Successful Musician and their Rhythm Book on Friday, they must have these books in class on Monday (8/26).
  • The first Practice Chart is due on Friday, August 26th for 7th & 8th grade.
    * We suggest that you print out 9 practice charts for the grading period.
    * Copies of the practice chart are located next to the copier.
    * Have your student write their name, check their class and date each practice chart.
    * Check the corresponding week in the grading period at the bottom of the form.
    * All that the parent has to do is sign the chart on Thursday night!
    * REMEMBER: We count 7 out of 9 charts in a grading period.
  • The Student Packet with all the required forms is due by Wednesday, August 28th and they are worth a homework grade! Every student must complete the SmartMusic Order Form. As of today, the Band Boosters have only received 133 out of 360 SmartMusic Forms. It is important that we know to either order/renew a subscription or that you can share a subscription. Microphones are ordered only if payment is included with your order. Note: make checks payable to Cario Band Boosters and note your student's name in the memo line.

We are working hard to assign Cario Instruments (Bassoon, Euphonium, French Horn and Tubas) by Wednesday, August 28th. Please complete the Instrument Rental Agreement Form, attach your check and note if your student is a car rider.

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Wilkinson

Important Dates

  • Monday, August 26th ~ 7th & 8th Grade brings instruments and Rhythm books to class.
  • Tuesday, August 27th ~ Kids Letter Writing Campaign ~ Address & Greeting Assignment Due
  • Wednesday, August 28th ~ Letter Writing Campaign & Student Band Packets Due (bring in your Address & Greeting Assignment if you didn't turn it in on Tuesday)
  • Monday, August 26th to Wednesday, August 28th ~ Open House for 6th, 7th & 8th Grades (It is helpful to bring your student's schedule to reference the teachers and classroom numbers.)
  • Wednesday, September 4th ~ Mandatory Fast Start Clinic ~ 6th Grade Woodwinds from 5:45 - 8 pm
  • Thursday, September 5th ~ Mandatory Fast Start Clinic ~ 6th Grade Brass from 5:45 - 8 pm
  • Thursday, September 19th ~ Rsvp for New Family Welcome Breakfast (new date is Saturday, September 28th)

Annual Together for Kids Letter Writing Campaign ~ Due Tuesday, August 27th

Please write down the names and addresses of family and friends that you would like to invite to sponsor our band program over the course of the year. Your student will be signing the letter and addressing the envelopes during band class on Wednesday, August 28th. Please complete the Address Form and include the name and address information for the envelopes and the greetings for the letters. You can bring in stickers to decorate the envelopes if you would like. Please include any additional names and greeting on the back of this form.

Students who bring in at least 3 addresses will have their name placed in a drawing in each class for a $10 gift card. Those who bring in more than 10 will be eligible for a $25 gift card (donated by a band booster member).

Please note: Contributions toward an individual student's fees should be sent separately and are not tax deductible. Donations to Cario Band Together for Kids are placed in our General Fund.

Returning the Student Band Packets & Forms

Please make sure you return the Student Information Sheet even if you did not make any changes or corrections. Put the Student Information Sheet and all required forms in the Manila envelope they came in. Due Wednesday, August 28th for a homework grade.

Scholarship Applications

The directors and Band Boosters believe no child should have to forgo band because of financial reasons. Please do not let the Band Fair Share Assessment (FSA) keep your student from participating in band. The Cario Band Boosters have a scholarship program. Please complete the Scholarship Application - Fair Share Assessment Waiver form and send it into the band room. These applications are kept in strict confidence and there is additional information about the waiver in the handbook. Please contact Rachael Skelley to discuss payment plans, the Scholarship Application for Fair Share Assessment Waiver or make other financial arrangements.

New Family Welcome Breakfast ~ New Date

Although we received a confirmation in May for our New Family Breakfast, there was a glitch in the system and we are now scheduled for Saturday, September 28th. We are recycling the original reservations and providing the students with a new flyer this week. This breakfast is for any family that is new to our band program (6th, 7th and 8th grade). This is a great opportunity to meet our Booster Board Members, and for your student to talk to 8th Grade Band Members who plays the same instrument you do. If you have questions, this is the time to ask! Enjoy a nice, hot pancake breakfast courtesy of your Band Boosters. We really are here to serve you and look forward to meeting you! Reservations are due Thursday, September 19th.

Florida Band Trip ~ 7th & 8th Grade

The first two buses for this trip are sold out! Please continue to send in the Florida Trip Commitment Form, a $50 deposit and the 2013-2014 After-Hours Medical and Extra-Curricular Consent Form. Once we have registered an additional 25 students, we will add a third bus. The medical form must be notarized and turned in with your registration form to be placed on this trip. You must complete the section for Over the Counter Medication and provide a date (month & year) for the tetanus shot. There will be opportunities to fundraise for the trip (Pies & Fruit sales and the Spring Fundraisers).