From the Band Room - October 7, 2013

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Notes from the Directors

SmartMusic- ALL GRADES

  • EVERY Cario Band student should have redeemed their code to activate their SmartMusic subscription. The deadline is Saturday, October 5. After this, the codes will expire and you will not be able to activate SmartMusic from home. Please, Please, Please take care of this. There are still 24 students missing from our SmartMusic rosters!

6th Grade SmartMusic Assignment

  • Line #12- First Flight is DUE on Monday, October 7
  • A demo was given in class on Monday on how to use the microphone, complete and submit assignments, etc. Students may have as many "takes" (attempts) as they want before they submit the assignment.
  • If your child is having trouble playing with the SmartMusic program, try de-selecting the "Accompaniment". Many kids have trouble because they are not tapping their foot and staying with the tempo (speed) that SmartMusic counts them off in. The "click" (that clicks the tempo for them) is also set to ON to help with this, and there is a green cursor that helps to guide them.

7th Grade Chair Testing

  • Begins in class on Tuesday, October 8
  • Requirements are the 7 major scales, line #74 in Essential Elements Book 2, and a rhythm line.

Honor Band Auditions - 7th & 8th Grade

  • Registration Forms for Honor Band Auditions (All-County, Region 4 and All-State) will be available in the band room within the next week. Please review the dates carefully, before committing to this process.

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Wilkinson

Important Dates

  • Saturday, October 5th ~ SmartMusic Installation Codes Expire.
  • Saturday, October 5th ~ Low Country Invitational Marching Band Competition hosted by the Bands of Wando
  • Thursday, October 10th ~ 8th Grade Band Night Rehearsal at the Wando High School Field (not the Stadium at the Old Wando High School) 5 - 6 pm
  • Friday, October 11th ~ Wando Band 8th Grade Band Night at the Old Wando High School Stadium ~ Call time 5:45 pm & location is outside the Laing Band Room.
  • Wednesday, October 16th ~ Cario Bands Box Tops Deadline
  • Wednesday, October 23rd Cario Band Spirit Wear Orders Due

Band Room Box Top Battle

Our first Box Top Battle ends on Wednesday, October 16th. Please complete the Box Top Form and include this with your Box Tops. Include your Home Room information so PTSO can add your Box Tops to your teachers numbers. We will announce the Joey Bag of Donuts winner once we get all the Box Tops processed.

Go to and enter now for a chance to win 20,000 eBoxTops plus 100 boxes of mac and cheese! Ends 10/16/13, so don't delay! Did you know that as a Box Tops member, you also have access to new coupons for Box Tops products every month? Check out the website and save up to $17.60 this month on Box Tops products!

CCSD Chaperone Forms for Carowinds & Florida Trips

If you are interested in Chaperoning either the 6th Grade Carowinds Trip or the 7th & 8th Grade Florida Trip, you must complete the CCSD Chaperone Form by Monday, October 7th. Mr. Scott must turn in these forms by Tuesday, October 8th. Please remember that this doesn't commit you nor do we form either of these chaperone teams until next year.

CCSD Chaperone Form ~ 6th Grade Carowinds Trip

CCSD Chaperone Form ~ Florida Trip 7th & 8th Grade

Cario Bands Spirit Wear Orders

We are placing Hoodie, Cinch Sack and Sport Bag orders that will arrive in time for the holidays. Sweatshirts are in adult sizes only. Order forms will be available in the Band Room on Monday, October 7th. We will deliver orders to the students in class ~ Date TBA. Ordering Cario Band Spirit Wear is optional and is provided to you at cost.

Concert Opportunities

Corrections were made to some of the dates and times. Reminder: Only one Wando Band Marching performance counts towards your concert attendance. Wando High School games are not a drop off event. Middle school students must be accompanied by an adult. This is a policy set by Wando High School Administration.

Saturday, October 5th ~ Low Country Invitational (Marching Band Competition) ~ This is an all day event culminating with a performance by Wando Marching Band (around 8 pm).

  • Gates open at the old Wando Stadium at 1:30 PM, performances run 3:00 PM until about 8:30 PM.
  • Cario Students get in FREE if they wear their BLUE CARIO BAND SHIRT. Wando Band will perform an exhibition performance around 8:00 PM.
  • Visit for more information

Sunday, October 6th ~ Charleston Community Band Concert at 5 PM at the Buyer Auditorium in the Citadel campus. The Citadel chorale will perform with us. Concert will last about 1 hour, with free admission. Theme of the concert is "War and Conflict". We are also playing some patriotic tunes and the chorale is singing "Mansions of the Lord", accompanied by the Band. The most interesting piece of music is entitled "Mekong" , written in tribute to the Vietnam veterans. Admission is FREE.

Friday, October 11th ~ Wando Middle School Band Night ~ Come hear Cario, Laing and Moultrie 8th Grade Students perform with the Wando Marching Band.
Friday, November 1st ~ Wando Marching Band Performance ~ Wando vs. Cane Bay