From the Band Room - November 24, 2014

Submitted by JonSkelly on Sun, 11/23/2014 - 22:26

Notes from the Directors

6th Grade SmartMusic Assignment
EE Line #48- "High School Cadets": Assigned 11/12, DUE 12/3
7th AND 8th Grade SmartMusic Assignment
Junior Scales: Assigned 11/12, DUE 12/3
Junior Audition Solos have been sent as an "assignment" in SmartMusic so that students may use this as a practice tool to prepare for County/Region/State. PLEASE do NOT SUBMIT this!!! If you do, it will disappear. This is NOT a graded assignment, it is meant to be used as a practice tool ONLY. Thank you!

Important- Please Read All
No Lessons Academy this week!

Important Upcoming Dates

Final Fair Share Payment is due by December 5.
Florida Trip Payment Dates
- December 5, 2014 $100
- January 13, 2015 $200
- This is the last day to drop the trip. NO REFUNDS after this date.
- February 11, 2015 $200
All County Auditions for registered students are held on Saturday, December 6 at West Ashley High School. Individual audition times are provided by the All County chairperson linked below.

All County Audition Times