From the Band Room - September 27, 2015

Submitted by BMorgan on Sun, 09/27/2015 - 17:58

Important Dates:

  • Wednesday, September 30, 2015 - Uniform night 7th and 8th graders 4pm-7pm
  • Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - Halloween concert (7th and 8th graders) 7pm

Smart Music ~ all grades

  • 6th Grade:

Essential Elements #11 and #14 due September 30th

  • 7th Grade:

Essential Elements #22 and Scale #4 due October 4th

  • 8th Grade:

Concert G and Concert C scales and one sightreading due October 4th

Terms Quizzes 7th and 8th Grade:

  • October 2nd - Terms Quiz 2 - Tempo 1


7th and 8th Grade - if you did not attend the uniform night last week please drop by this week to get your dress or tux. You can drop in any time between 4 - 7 pm.

6th Grade -You do not need to attend uniform night at the school but we do need you to go by Stagecoach (near Target) and order a pair of the black pants. This is for boys and girls. If you tell them you are with Cario Band they will know which pants you need. Please do this by September 30th. Thank you!


I just wanted to try and clear up what is required for concerts. Students are required to attend a minimum of 2 concerts (3 if you are working toward 6th Grade Honor Medal or 7th & 8th Grade Honor Band Award) per semester. A concert is defined as one where your student's instrument is being played. If you know of a concert opportunity with your church or in our community, with a subject line of "Concert Opportunity" for the FTBR (please include the admission cost). You have 2 nine weeks/one semester to attend the concerts. You can attend a Wando Football game and watch the Wando Marching Band. This can only be one of your concerts. You can also attend other Cario Band concerts. So, if you are a 6th grader you can go to the Halloween Concert and count that as one of your concerts. If you are in 6,7,or 8th grade you can attend the Jazz Band concert (if you aren't in the Jazz Band) and count that. There will also be concerts at Wando High School (you can check their website) and in the area. I will try to list the ones I hear of hear in the FTBR. I just wanted to make sure you know that you do not have to go to every concert I list. I am just trying to provide options.

Concert Opportunity:

Saturday, October 5th ~ Low Country Invitational (Marching Band Competition) ~ This is an all day event culminating with a performance by Wando Marching Band (around 8 pm).

  • Gates open at the old Wando Stadium at 1:30 PM, performances run 3:00 PM until about 8:30 PM.
  • Cario Students get in FREE if they wear their BLUE CARIO BAND SHIRT. Wando Band will perform an exhibition performance around 8:00 PM.
  • Visit for more information