From the Band Room - March 27, 2017

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From the President

IT'S FESTIVAL AND FLORIDA WEEK! It's what the 7th and 8th-grade students have collectively worked for all year - the professional measure of their achievement this year, and the public display of the talents of our musicians and their conductors! We're aiming for30 straight years of superiors for Mr. Scott, tying the record in South Carolina. Please come out and support our 7th-grade band and our Symphonic Band at SOA this week! They always perform better for a crowd. As a music educator and band director, it doesn't get any better than this at the state level. AND, many of the students, directors, and parents will celebrate with a few days in Florida! What could be better? Fiji? Too fruity. Hawaii? Too surfy. Isle of Palms? Well, maybe.

Final Symphonic Band Early Morning Rehearsal

Tuesday, March 28 (tomorrow morning) is the last SYMPHONIC BAND early AM rehearsal! Yes and amen…again…

Concert Festival Wednesday At Soa!

The 7th-grade band performs Wednesday, March 29 at 9:30 AM. The Symphonic Band performs Wednesday, March 29 at 4:30 PM. Parents, family, and/or friends are welcome (and encouraged) to attend. The concerts are at the Charleston School of the Arts. If you plan to take your child home from SOA, please complete the Alternate Transportation Form available in the Forms page on our website. It was updated to reflect the Festival trip. Students will not be allowed to go home with anyone unless Mr. Scott receives this completed form by Tuesday, March 28.

Concert Festival Chaperones Still Needed

We still have openings for Bus Chaperones for the Concert Festival trip on Wednesday. We need ONE 7th grade trip chaperone (doesn't have to be a 7th-grade parent), and THREE Symphonic band trip chaperones (doesn't have to be a 7th or 8th-grade parent). If you still need volunteer hours, please step up and help us! Or even if you don't...we're not picky, terribly, not really...

7th-grade trip link:

Symphonic Band trip link:

Lessons Academy This Week…

Tuesday lessons this week will proceed as scheduled. WEDNESDAY LESSONS this week are canceled due to Concert Festival.

Carowinds Update -
6th Grade Band

Carowinds is nearly sold out! Please send in your information ASAP if you want your musician to attend!

Important Dates



- 7th Grade Band - 9:30 AM

- Symphonic Band (8th and select 7th Grade) - 4:30 PM

March 30-April 2 - FLORIDA TRIP

April 21 - CAROWINDS 6th Grade Band Trip