From the Band Room - April 17, 2017

Submitted by NHolland on Mon, 04/17/2017 - 23:15

From the President

I trust everyone had a restful spring break! We're definitely in the home stretch now - a flurry of activity over the next several weeks, and before you know it the year will come to a close (as in ending, not near or next to, as in 'stick-a-fork-in-it' not proximity, okay, you get it…). Some helpful nuggets to chew on this week, and a BIG week for our awesome 6th grade band! It's your week to shine on stage!

Carowinds Trip Information -
6th Grade Band

The 6th-grade band is heading to Carowinds on Friday! Chaperones arrive at 5:45 AM, 6th-Grade Band students arrive at 6:00 AM. Students must be wearing their GREEN Carowinds T-shirt, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. Specific information went out to everyone attending, so if you didn't get it, please contact Carowinds Trip Coordinator Kim immediately: Pickup will be at approximately 11:00 PM at Cario. If you're tagging along as fan (I used to call us groupies), the kids are scheduled to perform at 5:20 PM. This is highly subject to change…

Early Am Band Rehearsal -
6th Grade Carowinds Band

We didn't want our superstar 6th-graders to feel left out, or to totally miss out on all the crazy fun that is an Early Morning Band rehearsal! So, all 6th-grade band students that are going to Carowinds have a rehearsal Thursday, April 20th at 7:15 AM IN THE GYM. Please re-read that last sentence. For the skimmers: Carowinds 6th grade people, Gym, Thursday 7:15 AM. The gym opens at 7:00.

Pinckney Recruiting Day -
Help With Posters?

Friday April 26th (next week) is our annual Recruiting Day at Pinckney. We need some parent volunteers to come up and hang posters over at Pinckney. We have a handful of posters and all you need is a hot glue gun, some glue sticks, and some extra time! We need them up on the walls at Pinckney by Friday April 21st. Please contact me or Mr. Scott to schedule a time to come by and 'hang out' over a Pinckney!

Instrument Testing May 2

Do you have a rising 6th grader? Do you know folks that do? Please pass along what could possibly be the most important day of their lives - INSTRUMENT TESTING DAY at Cario! This is an opportunity for rising 6th graders to try out different instruments and to get a feel for which instrument will work best for them. It's also a chance for parents to learn a little bit more about the Cario Band program, pull back the curtain to see what awesomeness looks like up close. We'll have more details coming soon, but plan on helping out if you've got some time between 4:00 and 8:00 PM on Thursday May 2. We will need LOTS of help from the 8th graders, so please make your 8th grader available that afternoon!

Cario Recitals Next Week

There are four recital opportunities next week - GREAT for concert credits for our young musicians! Parents are welcome to get concert credits as well. The four upcoming recitals are:

Monday April 24 at 6:00 PM, Monday April 24 at 7:15 PM, Wednesday April 26 at 6:00 PM, and Wednesday April 26 at 7:15 PM. All performances are in the Cario Band room.

Jazz Band & Percussion Ensemble Next Week!

The Cario Jazz Band and Percussion Ensemble are performing next week on Thursday, April 27th at 7:00 PM in the Cario Gym. Come out and spend an evening of swing, funk, and overall hip-ness with us! Be careful though - their cool is contagious!

Join The Cario Band Boosters!

It's time to turn our thoughts toward next year, and we need your help! A few of you have given me your name and information already, BUT PLEASE SEND IT AGAIN. I lost my 'notes' in a random sync between devices and the all-holding cloud (gosh that sounds like a bad country song from Silicon Valley lyric). The Cario Band Booster team is always looking for individuals that want to 'pick up the torch' and run with it for a while. There are a few of us that are graduating our last Cario band student, so there are definitely openings! There are spots for varying levels of interest and availability, so if you're interested please contact me! Check out the description of the officers on our website, and tell me where you'd like to serve!

Important Dates

April 21 CAROWINDS 6th Grade Band Trip
April 24 Woodwinds Recital, 6:00 & 7:15 PM, Cario Band Room
April 26 Brass Recital, 6:00 & 7:15 PM, Cario Band Room
April 27 Jazz & Percussion Ensemble Concert, 7:00 PM, Cario Gym
April 28 Solo & Ensemble at Goose Creek HS
May 2 Instrument Testing at Cario
May 16 Spring Concert and Awards, 7:00 PM, Cario Gym
June 2 BEACH BASH, IOP County Park, 2-5 PM