From the Band Room - September 9, 2018

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From the President

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! Some good information this week-so please read the entire message. I also wanted to send a little reminder—please contact the Directors if you have questions about missing events, schedules or grades. Unfortunately, I will not be able to answer these questions for you.

From the Directors

Lessons Academy begins this week—a few spots remain open so contact Mr. Scott if you are interested. With the uncertainty of the storm, things may change as CCSD makes decisions.

Don't forget to turn in practice charts each week.


Another reminder!! Please remember to get all the forms you received in your packet completed and sent back to the Band Room asap---and please remember to sign and have your students sign in the designated spots. And please remember the Data Sheets---really important to make sure we have all your information in the system,


The Dates for the Save-Around Coupon Book fundraiser are Sept 21st-Sept 28th. Books will be delivered to school and passed out for students to sell. Please remember that we need to have excellent bookkeeping on who orders and pays for books. The last thing we want is for our neighbors to purchase books and then those not be delivered—reputation is everything!

Fast Start Clinics

Our fast start clinics were extremely successful and our 6th Grade students seem extremely excited to have their instruments and to begin playing. 6th Grade Parents—make a note of how they sound today and remember that when you hear them at the end of the year! You will be amazed!!

Community Service

An email was sent last week by our Community Service Chair, Jenny Norman, regarding the Beach Sweep. It is scheduled for Saturday September 15th from 9am-11am. Meeting at the Fort Moultrie Visitor Center on Sullivan's Island. Of course, this may change with the storm so stay tuned for more details.

Upcoming Dates

Saturday September 15th—Memorial Beach Sweep—Sullivan's Island—9am-11am

Friday September 21st—8th Grade Wando Band Night—Wando Stadium—TBD

Wednesday September 26th—Uniform Night—Band Room—4pm-7pm

Saturday September 29th—New Family Welcome Breakfast—Burton's Grill—8am-10am