From the Band Room - March 10, 2019

Submitted by EBailey on Sun, 03/10/2019 - 00:00

From the President

Concert Festival is quickly approaching—Let's Do This Cario!!!!

An email was sent last week with the Itinerary for CPA—a copy is attached to this email. If you have any questions, please contact the Directors

From the Directors

Please make note of the Rehearsal Schedule this week

Symphonic Band Percussion Rehearsal—7:15am—Monday

7th Grade Band Camp Rehearsal—4pm-7pm—Monday

Symphonic Band Rehearsal—7:15am—Tuesday

7th Grade Band Rehearsal—7:15am--Thursday

Florida Trip

Please make sure all accounts are up to date prior to the Trip—please contact with any questions. On Tuesday April 2nd, a mandatory Florida Trip meeting will be held in the Media Center from 7pm-8pm. If you have any questions, please email

Upcoming Dates

Monday March 11th—Symphonic Band Percussion Rehearsal—Band Room—7:15am

Monday March 11th—7th Grade Band Camp with clinician—Band Room—4pm-7pm (pizza provided)

Tuesday March 12th—Symphonic Band Rehearsal—Band Room—7:15am

Thursday March 14th—7th Grade Band Rehearsal—Band Room—7:15am

Monday March 18th—Pre-CPA Concert for Symphonic and 7th Grade Bands—Cario Gym—7pm

Tuesday March 19th—CPA for 7th Grade Band at West Ashley High School—Stage Performance—9:50am

Wednesday March 20th—CPA for Symphonic Band at West Ashley High School—Stage Performance—10:20am

Tuesday April 2nd—Florida Trip Meeting—Media Center—7pm-8pm